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When to consider a forehead lift with Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Diana Ponsky


The eyebrows can lower over time, resulting in a tired and stern or angry appearance. A forehead lift elevates the eyebrows and reduces upper eyelid heaviness and helps open up the eyes. By elevating your forehead and repositioning your eyebrows, we can take years off your appearance, transforming a furrowed brow or sagging upper eyelids into a youthful, rested look.

Our surgical options are customized to your needs and desired outcome to reveal a more pleasant and approachable expression. Our minimally invasive endoscopic brow lift creates results very similar to the traditional approach, and the added benefit of a quicker recovery period with less discomfort, with natural-looking results.

How It Helps

The benefits of a forehead lift performed by top ranked Cleveland facial plastic surgeon Dr. Diana Ponsky will impact more than your eye area. Forehead wrinkles and creases will appear smoother, and excess skin or tissue hanging over the eyes is lifted, opening up the eyes. Frown lines between the brows can also be addressed, softening a stern look. While a forehead lift focuses on the upper face, the overall effect of the procedure reveals a more well-rested facial expression.

a consultation
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What to expect before a forehead lift

Cleveland facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ponsky will begin your consultation by asking about your goals and expectations, then will discuss any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors. After examining, photographing, and analyzing your face, the surgeon will discuss potential options and a recommended course of treatment, as well as outcomes, risks, or potential complications.


What to expect during a forehead lift

Anesthesia will be administered so that you will be comfortable during the procedure, with either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. One of two types of incisions will be made, decided upon in your pre-surgical consult. If the incision is endoscopic, a thin camera and narrow instruments will be placed through a series of small incisions made within the hairline. The tissue and muscle beneath the skin are adjusted with precision, correcting visible creases and furrows in the forehead. A brow lift with a hairline incision involves a longer incision through which hair eventually grows. The forehead skin is then lifted and any muscle adjustment can be made under direct visualization. The resulting scar from a coronal or pretrichial brow lift is well concealed by the hair.


What to expect after a forehead lift

Expect to stay home from work for about a week or two, depending on the surgical approach. Ice should be applied to your forehead and eyes for the first few days to control swelling. Elevate your head to promote healing, including sleeping on your back at a slight elevation. Some bruising and numbness around your eyes and brow is common, and these effects will subside over time. Avoid unnecessary strain on your body, such as vigorous activity or heavy lifting, for at least two weeks. Suture removal at your first post-surgical visit will be quick and uncomplicated. Plan on regular check-ups for 1 year after surgery to monitor results and healing.

What Our Patients Say

  • The office was nice. Receptionist was very polite. Dr. Ponsky was great. The experience was comfortable and she explained everything to me before doing anything. She made sure I understood. Thank you Dr. Ponsky!

    - YM( Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgery )
  • I have always been apprehensive of ANY cosmetic procedures. Not any more! Dr Ponsky and her entire staff are friendly, professional and reassuring. Dr Ponsky is gentle, thorough, professional, talented, knows medicine and her craft. I can’t recommend this entire practice more. It is a gift that we have her in Cleveland.

    - SA( Cosmetic Surgery, Cleveland )
  • I can’t be happier with the results of my Rhinoplasty on both aspects functionally and aesthetically, Dr. Ponsky did such a great job, before, during, and after surgery, she is on top of everything and follow her patients very carefully after surgery to ensure complete healing and great results. Thank you Dr. Ponsky and her staff from the bottom of my heart🙏🙏

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    - A( Rhinoplasty, Cleveland )
  • I have nothing but positive to say about Dr. Ponsky and her entire staff! The first time I came in for a appointment I felt a welcoming and warm energy from the entire group . Dr. Ponsky’s assistant Jaime is fabulous and I love how she can answer all my questions if I don’t understand all!!
    Thank you everyone !!!

    - DB( )
  • Dr Ponsky’s staff are full of energy and very friendly. They are extremely personable, and worked to ensure that I felt comfortable and had everything I needed (down to a blanket during the procedure). Dr Ponsky is thorough, sweet, and gentle in her explanations. She made sure to explain the answers to each of my questions and I never felt rushed/forced to make a decision. I love the fact that we could do the entire procedure under local anesthesia.

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    - EE( Blepharoplasty, Cleveland )