Juvéderm Volux: The New Jawline Filler for a Chiseled Look
Juvederm Volux Cleveland Jawline Filler

Introducing Juvéderm Volux: The New Jawline Filler for a Chiseled Look

Ever noticed how aging tends to steal the sharpness of your jawline, replacing it with a more rounded appearance? Aging is a natural process, yes, but who says you can’t retain your youthful look? Say hello to Volux, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed to give your jawline the chiseled look you’ve always wanted.


What is Volux?

Volux is a specially formulated dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid. Sounds scientific, right? Well, hyaluronic acid is simply a substance our bodies produce naturally to keep our skin hydrated and voluminous.

The Science Behind Volux

When injected into the jawline, Volux uses the power of hyaluronic acid to replenish volume, redefining the jawline and making it appear more chiseled and sculpted.

Jawline Filler Volux

Who is Volux for?

Are you bothered by a loss of definition in your jawline? Then Volux might just be what you need. It’s FDA-approved for treating moderate to severe loss of jawline definition.

Ideal Candidates for Volux

Volux is perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their jawline appearance, longing for a more defined and chiseled look.

Benefits of Volux

When you choose Volux, you’re signing up for several benefits.

Enhanced Jawline Definition

First and foremost, Volux dramatically improves the definition of your jawline. Aging and weight changes can lead to a softer, rounder jawline. Volux can help restore sharpness and definition, giving you that attractive chiseled look.

Longevity of Results

Unlike other treatments, Volux offers a lasting solution. The results can stay up to 2 years, allowing you to enjoy your refined jawline for longer.

Natural-Looking Results

Volux produces natural-looking results. People will notice you look fantastic, but they won’t be able to put their finger on exactly why.

Non-Surgical Procedure

If the thought of surgery makes you anxious, you’ll appreciate Volux. It’s a non-surgical treatment option, meaning you’ll avoid the risks and lengthy recovery times associated with surgery.

Minimal Downtime

Finally, we know that you time is precious, and with Volux, you won’t need to take much time out from your daily activities. You can have a Volux treatment done and return to your regular schedule almost immediately, thanks to its minimal downtime.

jawline filler juvederm volux

How Juvéderm Volux works

Volux is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is injected into the jawline. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that helps to plump and hydrate the skin. When Volux is injected, it adds volume to the jawline and helps to create a more defined and sculpted look. Now, if you’re curious about the procedure, let’s break it down.

The Procedure

Administering Volux involves injecting the filler into the jawline using a small needle. This adds volume to the jawline, helping create a more defined look. The procedure typically lasts about 30 minutes.

Post-Treatment Expectations

After the procedure, you can expect minimal downtime, which means you can get back to your daily activities almost immediately.


Side effects of Volux

Just like any other procedure, Volux comes with potential side effects.

Common Side Effects

Some patients may experience bruising, swelling, redness, or pain at the injection site.

Serious Risks

While rare, serious risks such as allergic reactions, infections, lumps or nodules at the site of injection,  numbness, or asymmetry can occur.


Jawline Filler

Volux offers a safe, non-surgical solution for anyone looking to enhance their jawline. Its minimal downtime and long-lasting results make it an attractive option. However, it’s important to discuss with your doctor and understand the potential risks and benefits before proceeding.


Juvéderm Volux FAQs

Is Volux safe?

Yes, Volux is FDA-approved and is considered safe for treating moderate to severe loss of jawline definition.

How long does Volux treatment take?

The procedure typically lasts about 30 minutes.

How long do the results of Volux last?

The results from Volux treatment can last up to 2 years.

What are the side effects of Volux?

Common side effects include bruising, swelling, redness, or pain. Serious risks, while rare, can include allergic reactions, infections, lumps and bumps, numbness, or asymmetry.

Can anyone get a Volux treatment?

While Volux is generally safe, it’s important to discuss your medical history and expectations with your doctor before proceeding with treatment.


Juvéderm Volux at Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery

Interested in experiencing the benefits of Volux firsthand? This treatment is available at Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery in Beachwood, Ohio. Schedule a consultation today!

What Our Patients Say

  • The office was nice. Receptionist was very polite. Dr. Ponsky was great. The experience was comfortable and she explained everything to me before doing anything. She made sure I understood. Thank you Dr. Ponsky!

    - YM( Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgery )
  • I have always been apprehensive of ANY cosmetic procedures. Not any more! Dr Ponsky and her entire staff are friendly, professional and reassuring. Dr Ponsky is gentle, thorough, professional, talented, knows medicine and her craft. I can’t recommend this entire practice more. It is a gift that we have her in Cleveland.

    - SA( Cosmetic Surgery, Cleveland )
  • I can’t be happier with the results of my Rhinoplasty on both aspects functionally and aesthetically, Dr. Ponsky did such a great job, before, during, and after surgery, she is on top of everything and follow her patients very carefully after surgery to ensure complete healing and great results. Thank you Dr. Ponsky and her staff from the bottom of my heart🙏🙏

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  • I have nothing but positive to say about Dr. Ponsky and her entire staff! The first time I came in for a appointment I felt a welcoming and warm energy from the entire group . Dr. Ponsky’s assistant Jaime is fabulous and I love how she can answer all my questions if I don’t understand all!!
    Thank you everyone !!!

    - DB( )
  • Dr Ponsky’s staff are full of energy and very friendly. They are extremely personable, and worked to ensure that I felt comfortable and had everything I needed (down to a blanket during the procedure). Dr Ponsky is thorough, sweet, and gentle in her explanations. She made sure to explain the answers to each of my questions and I never felt rushed/forced to make a decision. I love the fact that we could do the entire procedure under local anesthesia.

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