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Is a Profileplasty Right for You

Is A Profileplasty Right For You?

A common question I have been getting a lot since the pandemic is, “Would getting a profileplasty be something for me?” Let’s dive into what it is and see if you could be a great candidate for profileplasty!

What is a profileplasty?


A profileplasty describes a combination of procedures that usually involves both a rhinoplasty, a chin augmentation/reduction, and sometimes neck surgery, such as submental liposuction or lipectomy. The goal of a profileplasty is to improve the overall profile balance of the face. Rather than just being one surgery that covers everything, we like to try to do 2 or even 3 different areas of the face. This will ensure a beautiful, controlled balance that will eventually become your ideal profile view!

When it comes to your face, the chin and nose are two of the most prominent features. They are most noticeable when viewed from the side profile. By getting a profileplasty, it balances out the side profile of the patient and improves overall facial harmony. If you have a large nose and a small chin, the nose may appear larger because the chin does not “balance out.”

Sometimes the chin is fine, but there is an extra “pooch of fat” or “gizzard” under the chin. This can be easily treated with submental liposuction in favor of your profile. Often performing surgery on both aspects of the patient’s profile at the same time to give the best results for an achievable, overall balance.

Surgery to reshape the nose (aka a rhinoplasty or simply a “nose job”) is a very common plastic surgery procedure. It can both increase or decrease the size of the nose to your desired preference to balance your face. Adding chin surgery to reduce or extend your chin to a rhinoplasty will help achieve the desired look of your profile for a desired look of your profile. Using injectable fillers in lieu of chin implants can give you a temporary “trial” of chin augmentation.

Profileplasty Dr Diana Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery

Below are the different types of rhinoplasty and chin surgeries available that may work together for the best profileplasty surgery for you.


The two types of rhinoplasty that affect your profile:


Augmentation rhinoplasty

Augmentation rhinoplasty refers to rhinoplasty surgery that uses a patient’s own tissues (rib/ear cartilage) or implants to increase the nasal projection along the dorsum of the nose. Patients may have low nasal height due to congenital defects, trauma, infection, excessive reduction rhinoplasty.


Reductive rhinoplasty

Generally most rhinoplasties are some form of reductive rhinoplasties as they commonly involve hump reduction in the nasal bridge. However, some are true reductions to reform how much your nose sticks out from the face on a side profile view. A surgeon can shape of the tip, the bridge, and also the nostrils, as well as the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Profileplasty Dr Diana Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery

The three types of chin surgeries that could be performed during a profileplasty:


Chin implants

Augmentation of the chin usually involves an implant that can produce dramatic improvements to your profile. Chin implants are usually inserted through a small incision inside the mouth or more often, an incision under the chin. A surgeon will fix the implants to the chin with tiny surgical screws or permanent sutures.


Shaving of the chin bone

A surgeon can reduce or contour the chin by reducing a jutting or overly prominent chin. This brings a natural balance to the lower third of the face.


Sliding genioplasty

Genioplasty describes a cut through the chin bone to either move it forward or backward. Sliding posterior genioplasty involves moving the chin back. This can help an overly prominent chin, or can remove a sliver of chin bone when it is too long. Sliding anterior genioplasty moves the chin bone forward to build a receding or weaker chin.

Profileplasty Dr Diana Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery

With a rhinoplasty and chin surgery combined, it equals out to be a profileplasty that will create a symmetrical and balanced essence to your face that you can be confident and comfortable with.


Who is a perfect candidate for a profileplasty?


All in all, the perfect candidate for a profileplasty would be someone who would love to be more confident with the side profile of their face whether it be doing just a rhinoplasty, a chin surgery, or both. Sometimes it may include submental liposuction. If you feel like you need to get both of those prominent facial features to become a little more proportionate to your face and profile, then you just might be in the market for a profileplasty.

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